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Mysteries and Legends of Donegal; Historical Tales of the Unexpected

Author and storyteller, Keith Corcoran, is back with a whole new kind of storytelling collection. This book re-examines sixty one enduring mysteries and legends from throughout Donegal and Northwest Ireland to reveal new intriguing insights from interviewed local historians, seanchaí and lore keepers. Many of these stories provide fascinating insights into a forgotten Ireland and are sure to enchant and mistify readers of all ages.
The book includes 15 illustrations created in a Woodcut style by artist Bob Wilson, who also designed a unique Tolkien-style Donegal map charting Keith’s journey.
It is written in a riveting, suspenseful style, forming part of a physical, atmospheric, winter time road trip around Donegal in search of elusive material. Some critics have described it as a brand new genre of Irish folklore with many never before published stories.


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Drumhome; Stepping Back In Time

There is an old African saying, “When an old person dies, a great library burns down”. Taking this to heart, and with hazel staff in hand, Keith sets out on a journey through his own native parish in south Donegal to record the oral history recollections of fifty elders. With townlands and villages viewed as unique worlds within themselves, Keith blends landscapes, archaeology, folklore, songs, poems, yarns and collected oral history in his writing to evoke a rich tapestry of shared memory. Along the way he discovers that his home parish of Drumhome played no small part in the history of Western Christian civilisation through historical figures such as High King Aidhmire, Saints Ernan and Eunan, and the great monk scribe Marianus Scottus.


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Journey in Wonder

This book is part page-turning travel adventure – part soul searching quest. Keith has the gift of a storyteller, which makes his travel accounts both engaging and enjoyable for all ages. It is interlaced with comic situations the author gets himself into, yet suspense, tragedy, danger, and even romance are woven into its pages.
His accounts often reflect the inherent kindness in the people he meets, who care, support, or offer wisdom as he travels. Whether staying with a Northern Cheyenne family in Montana, interviewing a former close friend of Mahatma Gandhi, or meeting a young Tibetan monk in Katmandu, he is ever curious to see how others see their role in a rapidly evolving world.


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