Fireside Stories From Donegal Ireland


Keith’s Cottage Céilí Nights

Since ancient times in Ireland, the traditional hearth has served as the setting for fireside storytelling, singing, music, and good conversation. In Ireland this social cultural gathering was known as a Céilí and didn’t always involve dancing.
Keith has rekindled this spirit of ‘céilidhean’ in his own 19th century Donegal cottage where he has hosted numerous traditional nights.

Fireside Stories

Now Keith wishes to share his this unique experience with a worldwide audience in a forthcoming new series entitled ‘Fireside Stories’. He will host special guest storytellers, lore keepers and traditional musicians from across Ireland’s Northwest and further afield. As part of each episode, Keith will also storytell from his own collected reportoire of ghost stories, fairy and supernatural encounters, historical mysteries and Celtic legends.


Book Your Own Fireside Storytelling

Keith also offers a live online storytelling experience entitled ‘Celtic Tales and Donegal Yarns’ for families and small groups or as a special gift voucher.


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