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Important Travel Info for Vienna & Slovakia

Travel Essential Info

Passport: You need an up-to-date passport to travel to Slovakia

Currency: Slovakia and Austria are both member states of the EU and both countries currency is the Euro. There will be access to bank pass machines on every day of your tour.

Travel Insurance: As stated in our registration forms, it is up to you to manage your own travel insurance arrangements. As Ireland and Slovakia are both EU members states, of the EU, you are entitled to receive medical care if you become ill or have an accident.
We advise all our guests to obtain the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Travel Adaptor Plug: Ireland uses a triple flat-pin plug while Slovakia uses a double pin plug. If you are taking any electrical devices that need to be recharged, such as a mobile phone or electric shaver, you will need to buy a travel adaptor plug before you travel, or at the airport.

Toiletries: If you are planning to travel without check-in luggage with Ryanair, don’t panic! We will stop off at a Tesco’s upon your arrival in Bratislava to purchase toothpaste, shower gels, shampoo, deodorants and any other personal items.

Personal Medicines: It is essential to continue taking any prescription medicines you are on while travelling with us. We also recommend you think about taking precautionary medicines or tablets, ex. If you sometimes suffer from heartburn, travel nausea, headaches, cold sores etc.
*All liquid medicines (100ml maximum), must be placed in a clear plastic bag, before going through security at the airport.

Clothes: We advise all our guests to pack one warm coat/jacket, gloves, scarf and hat and some under layers if needed. In recent years, early winters in Central Europe have become milder but it is better to be prepared.

Cost of Calls and Internet Access:
As from July 1st 2012 it is 35.67 c (cents) p/m (per minute) to make calls and 9.84c p/m to receive calls from any country within the EU. It is now just 11.07 cents to send a text within the EU.

Language of Slovakia: Slovak is the official language spoken in Slovakia, although English is increasingly learned as a second language. Our tour event organiser (Jana) can speak Slovak and English fluently and will liaise with hotel staff, shop assistants, tour providers etc on behalf of all our guests, whenever necessary, throughout our tour.